Ying Youngterk Tattoo Studio

Ying Youngterk is a famous artist in Thai tattoo industry. He has a long experiences in tattooing and also owns 2 tattoo studios in Bangkok. With the high respect to his career and the prefossional of his works, Ying Youngterk became the trustworthy tattoo artist among tattoo lovers in Thailand and regonized by many expats who were tattooed by him.

Ying Youngterk Tattoo Studio

Ying Youngterk and his team are expert in tattooing various styles; general, tribals, graphics, big jobs, Thai style, dragons, cover up and many more. Custom designs from customers are alway welcomed or customers can look at the tattoo albums that Ying and his team have provided.

By professional works, Ying Youngterk won awards from tattoo contests in Thailand:

  • The Winner of "Colour" from MBK Tattoo Contest 2005
  • The Winner of "Colour" from MBK Tattoo Contest 2006

Ying is a coordinator for MBK Tattoo Contest which held annually as well.

At Ying Youngterk Tattoo Studios, tattoo equipments, tattoo accessories and piercing jewelries are also available for wholesale and retail purchase.You can visit or test Ying and his team's works at:

  • Ying Youngterk Tattoo Studio - Soi Chokchairuammit on Monday to Friday at 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
  • Ying Youngterk Tattoo Studio - chatuchak weekend market on Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 AM - 6.30 PM

Contact Info:

E-Mail : tattoo_ying@hotmail.com

Tel : +66 (0)89-881-9713

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