Yants Meaning

Nowadays Thai Tattoo (Sak Yant) is one of the most popular tattoo style that attract tattoo lovers to wish for it, but, how many people know the true meanings of each Yants? Well, we know.

Yants Meaning

Yant (Thai Tattoo) doesn't have the exact meaning of it own but the meaning is latent in the design. The lines around each Yant refer to Buddha's placenta while the lines inside called Bones of the Yant. There are shapes of Yant that have different meanings :

  • Round mean the face of Buddha or Brahma
  • Triangle mean the Triple Gem of Buddhism or the three Lords of Brahminism; Shiva, Brahma and Narayana.
  • Square mean the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
  • Drawing - The meaning of this kind of Yant depends on the portrait of each Yant.

All of them need to be spelled during or after tattooing to enforce the advantages of the Yant to be powerful.

In Thai society, Yant is calssified into 2 types according to their advantages which are :

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