Saklai Studio

Saklai Studio is established by Leck N.Y., a tattoo artist who spent his years to learn and do tattoo work in USA. He started his tattoo study since 1988 and began to practice by tattooing himself in 1991. His first tattoo led him to meet many of his acquaintances who became his first group of customer. He worked as a tattoo artist for free of charge in USA for two years, and with the support of his wife - Poo, who later became a tattoo artist like her husband, Leck N.Y. finally decided to come back to Thailand and opened Saklai Studio in 1997.

Saklai Studio Siam Square

At Saklai Studio, Leck and Poo regard the safety of customersas the TOP priority. All tattoo kits must be sterilized by mecidal equipment "Autoclave" at temperature 121oC for 45 minutes before use. After tattoo, the all reusable kits like tattoo tube will be cleaned by ultrasonic machine and solution.

For custom designs, Leck is a professional in Japanese tattoo while Poo is expert in tribals. However, both of them are good at all designs, for example; Thai style, lettering, cover up, black and gray and many more.

Saklai Studio is located on the 2nd floor of Lido Theater, right at the BTS Siam station. It is opened Monday-Saturday at 12.00 - 7.00 PM.

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Tel : +66 (0)81-830-8325, +66 (0)2-658-3994

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