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PreK in Family Child Care Project (PKFCC)

The PKFCC project examines strategies for implementation of public pre-kindergarten (PreK) in family child care (FCC) settings across states and localities in the U.S.

  • Juliet Bromer , Principal Investigator, Erikson Institute
  • Rena Hallam , Co-PI, Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood, University of Delaware
  • Jason Hustedt , Co-PI, Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood, University of Delaware
  • Iheoma Iruka , Co-PI, Equity Research Action Coalition, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Samantha Melvin , Investigator, Erikson Institute
  • Patricia Molloy , Project Manager, Erikson Institute
  • Leanett Reinoso , Research Assistant, Erikson Institute

The study will use a rapid response approach designed to both disseminate study findings about PreK-FCC implementation strategies and facilitate cross-state learning and sharing about PreK implementation successes and challenges.

Focus groups and interviews with PreK site administrators and staff, document review of current PreK initiatives, and a survey of FCC educators who offer PreK will yield a quarterly series of rapid response policy briefs and a web-based depository of implementation tools for PreK administrators seeking to implement a mixed-delivery approach to PreK expansion that includes FCC settings.

Long-term goals for the study include increasing the numbers of states and localities that include FCC as part of their mixed delivery child care systems and current/future PreK implementation plans. Expansion of PreK to meaningfully include FCC is a promising strategy for supporting the FCC workforce and for increasing access to and stability of high-quality early care and education for families and children.

This project is funded by Foundation for Child Development and Home Grown.




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