Phon Tattoos and Bar

Phon Tattoos and Bar is the most famous tattoo studio in Udon Thani with 2 professional tattoo artists, Phon and Boll, who can do all kinds of tattoo works. Artist Phon is excellent for Japanese and tribal tattoos while Artist Boll is best at freehand and freestyle Thai designs.

Phon Tattoos and Bar Udon Thani

Apart from various tattoos works, this studio also provides body piercing service including tattoo machines, inks, spare parts and many kits for professional users.

Artist Phon is the owner of the studio, has been in tattoo profession for more than 10 years. He started this tattoo studio in 1997. Until now, there are 3 branches of Phon Tattoos located in Udon Thani:

  • Phon Tattoo and Bar - A tattoo studio with bar, drinks, pool and snooker tables on Prajak Silapakom Road; available every from 2.00 PM to 1.00 AM.
  • Udon Tattoo Parlour - The second branch provides all kits of tattoo and piercing. Located on Prajak Road, opposite to Mr. Tong's bar and Udon Night Plaza.
  • P'Yong - The latest branch with tattoo and piercing kits as well as cool accessories imported from Korea. Located at Reum Udom Market (Night Plaza).

Contact Info :

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Tel : +66 (0)89-946-6796, +66 (0)84-515-0015

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