Ouan Tattoo

With more than 18 years of experience, Ouan Tattoo has gained good reputation among tattoo lovers in Pattaya. He has been tattooing to many Thai celebrities, for instance, Marijuana (a country music band), Bell China Dolls (a female pop singer) and Ramon Dekkers (the Muaythai World Champion).

Ouan tattoo Pattaya

Ouan Tattoo is an expert of freehand tattoos and also provides various style of tattoo designs for his customers. His outstanding works are color tattoos and cover up. See Ouan Tattoo's works here.

Ouan Tattoo also won trophies from Tattoo competitions:

  • The Winner of "Freestyle Color" from MBK Tattoo Contest 2005
  • The Winner of "Big Job" from MBK Tattoo Contest 2006
  • Jimmy Wong 1st World Tattoo Arts Festival and Exhibition 2006

Contact Info:

Tel : +66 (0)81-945-9613

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