Naga Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Naga Tattoo and Piercing Studio is situated in Chiang Mai offers various services for all customers such as: Custom Thai Tattoo Designs, Bamboo Tattoo, Modern Machine Tattoo, Henna, Piercing and Implants, Fashionable clothes, Artworks, etc.

Naga Tattoo and Piercing Studio Chiang Mai

At Naga Tattoo and Piercing Studio, your tattoo will be made by professional tattoo artists who have been in artistry world for more than 20 years. The price is charged on hour basis with free custom artwork fee. Pain relief options are also offered to all piercing and implant customers. Customer picking up service is also available for all customers who stay in Chiang Mai city.

The studio is opened daily from noon to late at night.

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Tel : +66 (0)85-041-2302, +66 (0)86-728-3990

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