Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic is a tattoo and body piercing studio owned and run by Poh, a talented tattoo artist who had started learning tattoo and body piercing since he was 17 and spent years working as an apprentice for his professional tattoo artist cousin before opening the first studio of his own.

Monkey Magic Tattoo Pai

Poh has opened Monkey Magic since 2006, providing professional machine tattooing in all styles such as old school, Japanese, tribal, portrait, full color or black and gray, and many more including custom styles. Hygienic and clean tattoo as well as piercing equipments are also offered to all customers to ensure them that they will get good pieces of tattoo or piercing without any infection.

Monkey Magic is located in Pai - Mae Hong Son, Thailand; open daily from 11.00 A.M. until 9.00 P.M. Prior appointment is recommended.

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