MBK Tattoo Contest 2012

MBK Tattoo Contest 2012

Event: MBK Tattoo Contest Vol. 8 Ink and Roll

Date: 23 October 2012

Time: 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM

Venue: 1st Floor, MBK Avenue MBK Center, Bangkok

Reservation: No

Results : List of MBK Tattoo Contest 2012 Winners

As being called off last year due to the big flood all over Bangkok area last year, this year MBK Tattoo Contest 2012 is back with the theme "Ink and Roll". Same as every year, the competition will consist of many categories as below:

:: Big Job

:: Black and Gray

:: Colors

:: Tribal

:: Japanese

:: Dragons

:: Small Job

:: Old School

:: New School

:: Thai Style

:: Portrait Style

:: Sexy Lady Tattoo

:: Best of the day :: Best of the show

Here's the brief criteria / details for each style:

  • Big Job : Unlimited design with size bigger than 1 square feet, the conformity of size and design is required.
  • Black and Grey : Freestyle design, judged by shades (dark-light).
  • Tribal : Judged by design and the sharpness of colors on the design.
  • Colors : Freestyle design, judged based on colors used.
  • Japanese : Ancient Japanese design about elements belief (Earth, Water, Air, Water)
  • Dragons : Freestyle dragon design, judged by the action and details of the dragon.
  • Small Job : Unlimited design with size smaller than a CD, judged by details of the design.
  • Old School : Judged by design and the sharpness of colors as 2D.
  • New School : Judged by design and the brightness of colors on the design.
  • Thai Style : Any design related to Thai ways of life.
  • Portrait Style : Judged by the similarity of works and models.
  • Sexy Lady Tattoo : Judged by the design on the lady's body which must be mysterious, sexy and attractive.
  • Best of the day : Must be started and done on the contest date, judged by the smoothness of colors and shades.
  • Best of the show : The most outstanding tattoo of this event.

Same as every year, the events also provides interesting shows for audiences such as Body Suspension from Russia, classic cars and motorbikes, special shows from Thailand Got Talent contestants, and many more. You can also shop for various tattoo equipments and products from MBK Tattoo Contest participants' booths. Live tattooing by many professional tattoo artists is available at almost every booth as well.

If you are an tattoo artist and want to be a part of MBK Tattoo Contest 2012, click here for the application form. Once you complete the application form, send to mbktattoo@hotmail.com.

For more information, please contact: Marketing Department, MBK Center. Tel : 662-620-7420-2 / Fax : 662-620-7555 / E-Mail : mbktattoo@hotmail.com

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