MBK Tattoo Contest 2010

MBK Tattoo Contest 2010

Event: MBK Tattoo Contest 2010

Date: 25 October 2010

Time: 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM

Venue: MBK Center, Bangkok

Reservation: No

MBK Tattoo Contest 2010 is the 7th time to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Meet and get your new or first tattoo from more than 20 tattoo studios and lots of top class tattoo artists throughout Thailand. Witness the tattoo contest that will impress you by the beauty and professional of each contestants. The categories of tattoo that will be competed and judged by the trustworthy committees, who are mostly skillful and famous tattoo artists of Thailand, are:

:: Big Job

:: Small Job

:: Color

:: Black and Gray

:: Japanese

:: Dragon

:: Tribal

:: Old School

:: New School

:: Best of the Show

:: Sexy Tattoo Lady

:: Thai Style Tattoo

The awards for best tattoo artist and tattoo studio of the show are also provided for the winners too.

With the theme "Street Life of Tattoo", you can enjoy the convention with various activities like tattoo exhibition, tattoo demonstration, tattoo products aunction, classic cars of the 1950s-1960s, dancing and live performance from many bands.

List of tattoo studios participated (alphabetical order):

Best Friend Tattoo

D.Y.INK Tattoo by AOD

Diamond Tattoo

DKK Thailand

Dream Body Art Tattoo

EAK Tattoo Group

Feel Gallery and NT-Tattoo

Full Mads Tatttoo

House of Pain Pattaya

Indy Tattoo Supply

Kai Tattoo

King Star

Law Birdy Tattoo

Light Concept

MAX Tattoo Pai

NAGA Tattoo

Ozzfest Tattoo Club Thailand

Sak Lai Pattaya

The Sex Tattoo

Tattoo by Tuk

Tattoo Girlm

Thai Arts

The Flying Dutchman

Thor Chops and Custom

Tonthai Tattoo

Ying Youngterk

YMK Tattoo

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