Jimmy Wong Tattoo by Joy Wong

Joy Wong is one of the few female tattoo artist in Thailand. She was born and grown up in the real tattoo family under the great reputation of her father Jimmy Wong. As the youngest daughter of the legend Thai tattoo artist, Joy firstly showed off her tattoo talent at Amsterdam Tattoo Convention in 1991, she was only 11 then. Her work surprised all the participants and was the real inspiration for her to be sure that she was born to follow her father footstep.

Joy Wong Tattoo and Body Piercing

Joy Wong is a youngblood of Thailand tattoo industry. She is not only acting as a tattoo studio owner but also be the leader to hold the World Tattoo Arts Festival and Exhibition Thailand and many tattoo events in Thailand.

Now Joy Wong has her own tattoo studio called "Jimmy Wong Tattoo by Joy Wong" aka "Joy Wong Tattoo and Body Piercing" on Sukhumvit Road Soi 5, not far from the shop of her father. She used to tattoo for many singers, actors and celebrities of Thailand. The studio is opened everyday and do tattoo by appointment only.

Contact Info:

Tel : +66 (0)81-133-1241


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