Eak Tattoo Group

Eak Tattoo Group is the biggest tattoo group on Khao San road. There are 5 studios run by Eak Tattoo Group located on Khao San Road and nearby:

  • Khao San Ink- In front of Khao San Road, next to Burger King
  • Body Art - Near DandD Hotel
  • Idea- Near Kasikorn bank for exchange
  • Habit - Near Viengtai Hotel, Rambuttri road
  • Eak - The newest studio on Rambuttri road, nearby Khao San Road

Eak Tattoo Group Khao San Road

Eak Tattoo Group is specialized in all kinds of tattoo designs. Their tattoo designs are various and custom according to customer satisfaction. No matter what you like; tribals, graphics, creatures, Japanese, portraits and so on, just name it and you'll get it.

Eak Tattoo Group is not only the tattoo studio but also a tattoo equipments supplier. With its own manufacturer of tattoo machines, tattoo kits, piercing jewelries and related products, Eak Tattoo Group becomes one of the most well-known tattoo equipment suppliers in Thailand among amateur and professional tattooists.

These are products you can find at Eak Tattoo Group:

  • Machines: chrome, brass, stainless, motor, powder coated finished, premium, spare parts.
  • Equipments: needles, tattoo machine link, clip cords and foot switch, tube and tip, colour tray, needle jig, colour and cabon papers, etc.

Contact Info:

E-mail : eaktattoo_ks@hotmail.com

Tel : +66 (0)81-912-3741, +66 (0)2-629-4629

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